Forget about the past

Khaoula saidna 2020-02-21 16:45:03 Other
Forget about the past

I want to forget about the past because I have some circumstances which make me a sense of remembering. I don't want to recall a bad past. I'd like to forget and forget more and more.
yes, I want to forget, I don't imagine a deep of bad emotions.
I am illness, damaged and frustrated. I need someone to help me. I need life to support me. I need and I need several things to change my personality from negative to positive.
I know that some readers, they are looking at me as different or pessimism. but, in reality, I am not like that. sometimes, life is against a happy moment. I mean that life at some moment create bad things and crying.  concerning the past, you must forget and eliminate it, for that you protect your life with a positive view. I hate a pessimistic time; I like an optimistic moment.